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Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
, as secretary of state hillary clinton stepped down. it's a great reminder of the serious security threats that the now secretary of state john kerry is inheriting. chaos outside the u.s. embassy in ankara, turkey's capital today. a suicide bomber killed himself and the embass guard and blasted a hole through the checkpoint. paramedics rushed to help a seriously wounded woman. at least two other guards were hurt. the u.s. ambassador to turkey said the compound is secure, but standing among is the confusion, he was clearly shaken. >> right now we are dealing with our sadness at the lost of our fellow member of our embassy. >> reporter: the turk irk government blamed a domestic militant group. >> we strongly condemn the suicide attack. >> reporter: it's the latest in the series of threats to u.s. diplomatic facilities. in september terrorists killed four americans in ben gauzi. the state department responded, promising more security. >> the level of security protection at our facility in ankara, ensured there were not significantly more deaths and injuries. >> reporter: the attack comes on t
Feb 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
to hillary clinton for her leadership. >>> new orleans mayor mitch landrieu is looking for more answers after last night's big blackout in the super dome. the lights went out for more than half an hour in the third quarter of the game. the mayor says he expects a full report from everyone involved this week. the energy department calls it an abnormality. commissioner goodell says it won't hurt the city's chances of hosting the games in 2018. >>> ravens fans were all over the streets in baltimore last night. the rally crowds. damaged some tv news trucks. they report several people were arrested last night. chris gordon has more on the celebration, the cleanup and the preparation for the victory parade tomorrow. chris? >> good evening. the ravens will take the field for the last time this season at m & t bank stadium as super bowl champs tomorrow. now, one baltimore businessman is such a big fan, that he made an offer his customers couldn't refuse. san francisco kicked off deep into the end zone to start the second half of the super bowl. the ravens' jacoby jones surprised everyone, running 108
Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
.c., will be hardest hit. as the military faces massive cuts. a new bipartisan commission's plan led by former clinton adviser erskine bowles and alan simpson cuts the deficit by $2.4 trillion over ten years. >> they can squawk all then want to. get your country on course and forget the fact that you are a democrat or a republican and get to be an american and get cracking. >> reporter: the sequester was going into effect january 1 but was delayed as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. more difficult news for this area, the pentagon announced this afternoon lit notify congress tomorrow of its plan to furlough 700,000 civilian employees if no deal is reached. those furloughs would begin april 22. i'm jennifer johnson, news4. >>> our area's economy depends on thousands of federal workers. how our region could be hard by federal sequestration. >> it is a real threat to this area. ten days to the deadline and everyone wants to see what congress and obama will do. jim deneger of the regional board of trade says it does not look good here for thousands of federal workers and private firms with practical
Feb 7, 2013 6:00pm EST
by the secretary of stays, then secretary clinton and then head of cia general petraeus that we provide weapons to the resistance in syria. did you support that? >> we did. >> you did support that? >> we did. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> that plan did not go forward. senator mccain later released a statement today. he urged president obama to take action to end the conflict in syria. >> chandra levy, that is the game in a brings up memories for many in our area. she's the washington intern who was murdered, whose body turned up in rock creek part in 2002, a year after her disappearance. today her convicted killer returned to the court for a hearing that could potentially lead to a new trial. news4's pat collins is live at d.c. superior court to explain why. pat? >> reporter: there's a problem in the chandra levy case, but tech be weeks before we know what it is. ingmar guandique, looking older, with a shorn head with a toad that that prosecutor described as the face of the devil. two years ago he got 60 years for the murder of chandra livy. guandique, back for hearings that could give him a n
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
obama placed it on clinton romesha. in october of 2009, 50 soldiers at a remote outpost were ambushed by the taliban, outgunned and outnumbered. the sergeant refused to allow them to fall into the hands of the enemy. >> clint robesha lives the soldier's decree -- i will never leave a comrade. he and his team started charging as enemy fire kem pouring down. they kept charging, ultimately 100-meter run through a hail of bullets. they reached their fallen friends and they brought them home. >> the family of those kid that day attended the ceremony. staff sergeant romesha now works in the oiled fields of north dakota. >>> a tugboat is on the way to help a stranded cruise ship. named "carnival triumph" was adrift on the southern coast of the yucatan. it left the ship without power and it had to operate using emergency generators. there are 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members on this ship. another cruise ship transferred food and water. >>> back here at home, pope benedict's decision to step down has some catholics unsure about the future of the church, but's david culver found out, the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5